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Discover the team behind Physicians Body Sculpting

Dr. Mike Wolfington

Dr. Wolfington has been a physician in Brevard County for over 18 years. He worked as Medical Director at Harris Family Medical Center. He has worked in the medical field both inside and outside the United States. His background includes Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and has now moved into the field of Anti-aging medicine.

Brian W Benson

Plastic Surgery Physician Assistant

– Cosmetic Injector, PA-C / MPH
Brian has been a licensed certified Physician Assistant for 15 years. His background in Neurosurgery for 8 years has given him in depth understanding of facial anatomy. After working 7 years at the busiest cosmetic surgical practice in Melbourne, Brian decided to start his own cosmetic injectable practice with focus on modern cutting edge non-surgical treatments. Brian has achieved Expert Injector Recognition / Status. Working in the field of plastic surgery as a cosmetic injector allows him the opportunity to perform a service that makes patients feel more beautiful and better about themselves. Brian’s keen clinical skill set, understanding of anatomy combined with his willingness to listen, hear, and get to know each patient makes him the amazing Cosmetic Injector he is.

Joanna Walters

Medical Aesthetician
Joanna has a background in medical aesthetics beginning in 1997 where she completed her education to became a New York board certified Medical Aesthetician. She has been licensed in New York and Florida as an Aesthetician and Facial Specialist for over 20 years. Joanna has extensive experience in treating with skin conditions using lasers, chemical peels, Dermaplaning, and Mircrodermabrasion. Her credentials include a masters certification in Microneedling and PRP therapy for hair loss and Skin Rejuvenation. Joanna has a passion for continued education and being the best she can possibly be in her field. Nothing feels more gratifying than to help someone boost their self esteem and to help them feel their absolute best about themselves. Joanna’s services include Microneedling for hair and skin, Vivace Fractional microneedling, CoolSculpting, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Facials and Zo skincare.

Natalie Waters

Aesthetic RN
Natalie is an experienced aesthetic R.N. Injector who has been in this industry since 2006. She has over 2 decades of combined nursing experience. She has completed advanced training in both cosmetic injectable treatments and laser resurfacing. Natalie is known for her delicate touch and passion for enhancing ones’ outward beauty. In Natalie’s own words her goal is to “make each client LOOK and FEEL his or her very best at ANY age.” Natalie looks forward to working under the direction and supervision of  Dr.Wolfington to help clients achieve timeless beauty.

Our Advantages

Patient Care

Unlike many other beauty and wellness facilities, you can feel good knowing that you are in the competent hands of experts in their field of practice. All our services are physician-approved. We are committed to your well-being inside and out.

Less Time

We know you have a full and busy life, so our services and equipment are designed to help you save time. We offer treatments with no surgery, no downtime, and rapidly noticeable results!

Latest technology and equipment

At Physicians Body Sculpting, we use the latest technology available. rest assured that your equipment, treatments and care is optimized and updated to the latest standards of care.

Pamper Yourself

Find the service that fits your needs. You deserve to be pampered. With our physicians and consultant’s help, scroll through our vast selection of treatments to find the one that will make you feel and look your best today.

Our Philosophy

We aim to be an innovative center of excellence for your beauty, wellness and aesthetic care. Our team of compassionate doctors and professionals are constantly searching for new and improved treatments to help you transform into the best version of you.

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